Figurehead provides 3D Modeling and Design Visualization for new consumer products, communicating innovative ideas towards licensing and manufacturing.

Do you have an idea for a new product but don't know where to start? Maybe you’ve been working on some rough sketches or drawings but they just aren’t capturing your vision. We can help.


Our goal is to help realize your new product idea and get you to the next level. We do this by creating a custom 3D digital model that represents an object from all angles, giving viewers the ability to better understand the design concept. This 3D model can be rendered into a 2D high resolution photographic image with a high level of detail, creating a "real-life" impression. This is useful for new product development and prototyping. It also ensures that your design vision is fully realized creatively, before engineering, marketing and production begins.



We use special software to create

three-dimensional computer models that represent an object from all angles, giving viewers the ability to better understand the design concept.


Textures and lighting are added to the 3D wire frame model which is then rendered from multiple views as high resolution 2D images with 3D photo-realistic effects.


High resolution images can be used to produce marketing materials prior to the fabrication of the final product. This is helpful to help pitch the product to prospective licensors and/or buyers.


The CDM Company | Sony Pictures | Karl Karcher Enterprises | Mattel | Dreamworks | LEGO | Oral B | Real D

Go Pro | Beefeater | Baskin Robbins | Coca-Cola | Marvel | Bic | Proctor and Gamble | Yogurtland

Orange County Restaurant Association | JT Schmid's | Shimano American - Bicycle Division | TOL Products

Health Essist | Sage Communications | D6 Sports | Advanced Solar Solutions | Pure Vape/Organics | Power Up Pillow


The Secret to Successful Product Design? Simplicity.


The more immediately someone understands a product or message, the greater chance you have of selling him or her on it.

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Calling all makers, inventors, designers and engineers!


America's Greatest Makers is now casting for season 2 of the hit reality television competition. Think you have an amazing idea for the next smart connected device? Apply now for the chance to make your dream a reality.

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Thermo thermometer measures temperature with just a swipe across the forehead


JHealth technology company Withings has teamed up with French design company Elium Studio to create a thermometer that uses non-invasive methods to take children's temperatures

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