Figurehead specializes in Design Visualization; the art of turning two dimensional design concepts into realistic 3D digital models that can be viewed, photographed and animated at any angle, size or position. It involves CAD software that provides high levels of photorealism so that a product can be viewed before it is actually manufactured. This process is useful for new product development, packaging, store displays, marketing promotions, presentations and more. The end result is a photo-realistic image used to concept and pre-sell a product and is also cost effective way to test designs prior to fabricating costly prototypes.


We work with both large and small companies integrating as part of their team. We take pride in problem solving and working together as a collaborative team to come up with creative solutions. A majority of our clients are developing new products or promotions that require strategic insights in addition to just the visual elements. We also offer graphic and package design.


Some Clients

Shimano American (Bicycle Division)

Sage Communications

The CDM Company, Inc

Carl Karcher Enterprises

The Lego Group

TOL Products



Weight Watchers

Sony Pictures


D6 Sports


Rhinoceros 5.0 (3d Modeling)

Keyshot 5 (Rendering)

Adobe Photoshop (Photography + Design)

Adobe Illustrator (Design + Illustration)

Adobe InDesign (Publication Design)

Adobe Muse (Web Design)

Adobe Premier (Video Editing)


All Adobe software is the current version of  Adobe CC 2014

A Little More

Graphic Design

Package Design



New Product Development






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