I develop custom digital 3D models from sketch, orthographic drawings, your concepts or mine, for new retail products and packaging. These models are used for design visualization which allows one to observe objects from different angles. High-poly 3D models and high-resolution images possess a high level of detail, creating a "real-life" impression. This increases the chances of success of a project. It  is useful for new product development and prototyping, ensuring that the clients design vision is fully realized creatively before final engineering and production begins.


A majority of my clients are developing new products or promotions that require strategic insights in addition to the visual elements. My services include Product Design, Digital 3D Modeling, Packaging and Graphic Design.



I also offer full-service graphic design, including: Packaging (package design, merchandisers, label design), Marketing Collateral (flyers, brochures, posters, sell sheets, direct mail), Brand Identity (logos, web site design, style guides), Event Merchandising (signage, trade shows, point-of-sale).

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